Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I've been waiting for the release of this stop-frame film for quite some time, written and directed by Henry Selick, who also diected the 'Nightmare before christmas'. I wasn't dissapointed, it was visually tasty! The story took a little while to get goin but I'd recommend to go see it and deffinately check out its website: http://www.coraline.com/.

To celebrate the release of the film, nike has made a limited run of custom 'dunks' which can be won through the coraline website. I'm a bit of a sneaker freak, so i'm off to try and nab a pair!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked Coraline. It sounds really good, but I have to wait a few months before it comes here (Hastings NZ.)

I've read the book which is really good.

Pearl Grey said...

Holy Moly! I was supposed to be seeing it tonight but have to wait until later in the week now. Have a look at this for a lady stitching clothes for the film- http://www.bugknits.com/

Stitches and Glue said...

It'll be worth the wait guys. great inspiration to get making, which is always good!