Thursday, 7 May 2009

Arthur and the Invisibles

Over the last few weeks i've been busy with some exciting character costume work for the Cannes Film Festival. Working alongside talented makers at the Jelly Head 3D studio on reproducing some of the main characters from the hit film Athur and the invisibles, directed by Luc Besson.

The costumes celebrate the sequal being previewed at the cannes Film festival.
I worked mostly on the prop side of things for the king character, this included the body armour and the staff. As well as a dagger, buttons and belts for a number of the other characters pictured.


Thomas Whetnall said...

the dagger looks good fella. time for you to chillax i think.

Thomas Whetnall said...

Also i think it is pretty damned neat that you can reproduce so accurately fictional objects from 2d stills like that. the armor looks awesome. can you make me a set?