Friday, 17 October 2008

Lucky Monster Paws

Along with the Monster skin rugs, these lucky Monster paws will also be available in a few weeks, the perfect stocking filler!

Clutter magazine ad

Issue 13 of Clutter magazine went on general release a few days ago, which features a small ad for Stitches and Glue!! If your not aware of the magazine, its a must have read for any Designer toy collector. featuring articles on Art, Toys, Graffitti, Music and fashion. They've also got a regularly updated blog too, go take a look

The new issue features an artilcle on the unique works of Angry Woebots, responcible for the panda artwork on the front cover. Whichs leads me onto this image i came across yestarday, a huge grizzly sculpture!! This guy is a resident of Denver in the US, forever peering into their convention center ... i want one.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Monster Skin Rugs

Featured at the recent Islington fair, Monster Skin Rugs
will be available to purchase within the next few weeks,
available in a number of colours. ill keep you posted..

Sweet Dreams

Featured at the recent show, brand spanking new
3dimensional illustration.
Prints start at £30 signed (unframed) with a limited
run of 20. Please contact for more deatails

The Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair

Thanks to all that came and supported, it turned out to be a great event, many Monsters were re-homed and my work got a great response. Below are a few pics from the event, more at:

Fruit Art!

I came across melon carving a while back,
its big in Taiwan apparently.

some more examples of fruit art, but this time using
oranges and the outer shell of a melon, good fun!

Pictures borrowed from

The Run up to the Islington Contemporary Art and Design fair

I decided to take part in this years Islington Contemporary Art and Design fair, london. The aim of the shows are to promote up-coming contemporary talent and give people the opportunuty to buy works directly from the artist. A great opportunity for me to knuckle down and knock out some fresh stuff. Stay tuned.....

Behind the Scenes in the Stitches and Glue studio

A little too much Evo! (glue)

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Sandy sculptures

These pictures were from a recent world sand sculpture event, no idea were it took place and exactly when, sorry, featuring the best of the best. Just goes to show that with the perfect sand/water ratio these guys can create almost anything.

Paper Yoda!

pure genious. ive tried some paper folding in the past, but this is another level, gifted this person is.

Glass Mammary glands!

Can't remember were i came across these images, but i felt i needed to share them. What an interesting job!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Crammed Organism's exhibition photos

Here are a few of the pics taken during the month of the Crammed Organism's shows. i picked out the ones were you can just about see Gulli. Loads more can be found at Cranky Yellows, the shows organisors, flikr account

Stitches and Glue Cling-ons!!

Now available at the online store
go take a looksy!

Crammed Organism's, Worlds largest Plush show 2008. St Louis, USA

I recently took part in the largest collection of hand-made plush in St Louis, USA called Crammed Organism's, back in July. It was a great event that even had its own book published to accompany it, showcasing artists work from across the world. My Work made it on to the book's front cover, (Above) in the form of an illustration by the artist Kill Taupe.

four Gulli's were shipped out to St Louis and were exhibited over a period of a month, ill be posting pics of the exhibitions very shortly. For more about Gulli, check out his page at:

New Blog!!

I thought it was finally time to get one sorted, well here it is, the updated blog!!
I'll be posting my latest works as well as exhibition info and other stuff that takes my fancy, so stay tuned.